About Us

Izortraining.com is a website started by Izor & Associates, Inc. to answer the need for architects to satisfy their need for continuing education in access compliance. Our company is an architectural firm that has close to 30 years of design experience, and close to a decade specializing in accessible design. This enables us to offer you very accurate knowledge for your learning.

Greg Izor, the principle architect of the company, served several years with the California, Division of the State Architect, Access Compliance. During that time Greg was able to become an expert in regards to the federal and state access laws. As a company we offer that expertise to business and building owners in a few ways.

We offer a self-evaluation and transition plan to provide a sound accurate analysis of the property in scope of the ADA requirements. This applies to schools and other public offices, that need to make accessible upgrades to their facilities.

With all the experience we have working with the State of California, DSA access compliance, we have a clear understanding of the processes. As a licensed architectural firm, we have ability to satisfy any of the CA, State Access requirements for a state owned or leased building, by completing the Real-Estate Service Divisionforms.

We are confident that you will be more than satisfied by your experience.